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Welcome to Image & Text (ISSN 2617-3255), an online visual culture journal published by the University of Pretoria

Image & Text is a multi- and interdisciplinary journal for visual culture that publishes research articles. It is accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training. One of the aims of the journal is to showcase new and young academic voices, as well as more established researchers.

This journal is an e-publication and is available through Sabinet online and on the journal website. For any enquiries in this regard, please contact the Department of Visual Arts at +27 12 4202353 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The following issues of Image & Text are available on this open-access journal website:

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Image & Text: 
Number 31, 2018

From searching for the digital soul to Prometheus, this issue of Image & Text highlights some shifts in digital focus areas in visual culture.

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Image & Text: 
Number 30, 2017

This issue of Image & Text highlights some the new shifts and focus areas that have come to encompass the study of visual culture.

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Image & Text: 
Number 29, 2017

Many of the articles in this themed edition of Image & Text emanated from papers presented, personal narratives and conversations that took place at the Intimate archives//autobiographical acts. Personal surfacings as expressed through material culture (2016) roundtable.

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Image & Text: 
Number 28, 2016

The second issue of Image & Text for 2016 is again an open issue, and contains five articles that deal with current work by researchers.

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Image & Text: 
Number 27, 2016

The first issue of Image & Text for 2016 is an open issue. As always, there are common areas between the articles, and in this issue five of the authors are upcoming researchers; this aligns with Image & Text’s vision of encouraging and nurturing younger voices.

cover 26 s new

Image & Text:
Number 26, 2015

In keeping with the expanded scope of Image & Text, the six articles in this issue deal with a variety of topics in various fields related to visual culture including architecture, soap opera, fashion and design in general.

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Image & Text:
Number 25, 2015

Image & Text 25, is a bumper issue of almost 300 pages with two themed sections: ‘Pretoria in/imprint’, guest edited by Lize Kriel, and ‘Blind Spots and Ways of Not Seeing’, guest edited by Ruth Simbao.

cover 24 s

Image & Text:
Number 24, 2014

A strong thematic link, in this issue, is the ever-popular topic of identity and its various manifestations in post-apartheid South Africa, and particularly the manner in which it is constantly embodied and enacted in various spatial contexts.

cover 23 s

Image & Text:
Number 23, 2014

The articles presented in this special edition of Image & Text may be likened to a fugue of contrapuntal voices expressed in textual modes and threaded around Jacques Derrida’s (2009 [1978]) theoretical maxim of “pointure”.

cover 22 s

Image & Text:
Number 22, 2013

In this issue of Image & Text the topics range from zombie-like spectatorship to the asylum. The media covered includes magazines, film, photography, art installation and digital interfaces.

cover 21 s 

Image & Text:
Number 21, 2013

This issue of Image & Text consists of articles that explore diverse examples of visual culture, including fine art, photography, film, and design. Moreover, it is noteworthy that five of the seven articles hone in on South African visual culture in particular.

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Image & Text:
Number 20, 2012

This issue marks twenty years of Image & Text. Throughout its many years, Image & Text has kept pace with the demands of international scholarship and has established itself as a reputable journal.

Image & Text:
Number 19, 2012

In a way that the pages of this journal can reflect only in a reduced dimension, walking the city of Pretoria/ Tshwane wary of repeating, could open a path of remembering and working-through.

  Image & Text:
Number 18, 2011

The previous issue of Image & Text was dedicated to thematic concerns with the liminal in South African visual culture. This issue is again an open issue that features current research.
cover 17 s Image & Text:
Number 17, 2011

This eclectic and yet closely related set of articles were first presented as papers at a colloquium held at the University of Johannesburg, from 10 to 11 March 2011.
cover 16 s Image & Text:
Number 16, 2010

The perennial desire to drive home the imperative of design for social good is reinforced by the first article in this edition of the journal.
cover 15 s Image & Text:
Number 15, 2009

Since its inception 18 years ago, the most prominent event on the agenda of the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) has been an annual conference. A selection of six edited papers from the Forum’s recent conference held in November 2009...
cover 14 s Image & Text:
Number 14, 2008

The nine articles in this special edition of Image & Text are derived from two institutions, namely the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Pretoria and the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg.
cover 13 s Image&Text:
Number 13, 2007

The articles in this edition of Image & Text demonstrate how issues surrounding the construction and visualisation of identity continue to present fertile ground for critical and sustained engagement.

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