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Image&Text: Number 20, 2012

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Jeanne van Eeden

Foreword: Evaluation, reflection, comment and analysis: Twenty years of Image & Text
Jacques Lange

The printed propaganda of the Communist Party of South Africa during World War II
Deirdre Pretorius, Grietjie Verhoef and Marian Sauthoff

‘Cloudless skies’ versus ‘vitamins of the mind’: An argumentative interrogation of the visual rhetoric of South African Panorama and Lantern cover designs (1949–1961)
Lizè Groenewald

‘I participate, therefore I learn’: A process of co-creative graduate supervision in design research in Cape Town
Alettia V Chisin and Mugendi KM’Rithaa

Architecture’s ‘other’: An ontological reading of the abject relationship with interior design
Raymund Königk and Karel A Bakker

Dirty alien shadow-selves: Delving into the dirt in District 9
Cheryl Stobie

Social media as a filmmaking narrative tool
Jodi Nelson

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Image & Text: Number 20, 2012

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This issue marks twenty years of Image & Text. Through its many years, Image & Text has kept pace with the demands of international scholarship and has established itself as a reputable journal.

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Image & Text was first published in 1992 and is accredited as an academic journal by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training