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Image&Text: Number 27, 2016

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Jeanne van Eeden

When boys turn into women: a critical reading of postfeminist masculinity in The last of us
Karen Mentz and Jenni Lauwrens

Lessons in retrospect: a McLuhan reading of the controversy surrounding Michael Elion’s Perceiving freedom (2014)
Storm Jade Brown

Steven Cohen’s Golgotha as a cultural critique of capitalism
Larita Engelbrecht

William Kentridge’s Monument (1990) as counter-monument and the embodiment of negative aesthetics
Beschara Karam

Coming to terms with ‘the curatorial’ in PLAY_an exhibition 
Maaike Bakker and Jayne Crawshay-Hall

Book review: World history of design by Victor Margolin 
Jacques Lange

Conference report: Design & The City, Amsterdam
Fatima Cassim

Conference report: Face Forward: International Typographic conference, Dublin
Kyle Rath

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About the Authors

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Image & Text: Number 27, 2016

ISSUE 27: Download the whole issue +

The first issue of Image & Text for 2016 is an open issue. As always, there are common areas between the articles, and in this issue five of the authors are upcoming researchers; this aligns with Image & Text’s vision of encouraging and nurturing younger voices.

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