Intimate lives, interior places

  • Sarah Nuttall WISER (Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research) University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
Keywords: Intimacy, selfhood, opacity, disentanglement, human-plant, other-than-human


This is a meditative piece on intimacy, exposure, skin, opacity and relations between human and other-than-humans. It is a reflection in various registers on ways in which intimacy can be understood, drawing on a set of interleaving instances from theory, art and literature. It is an experiment with form which makes use of critical insights from academic inquiry, but which moves closer to ways in which we often think and feel, not always attended to by academic writing. It adopts a mode of writing which offers an imagined dialogue with the reader, as it invites the reader closer to the material being explored. Thus it invokes an intimacy of form intended to renew the search for ways of writing thought.